A few days ago, we brought you some updates about Alaskan Bush People. According to them, the Discovery reality series’ future was uncertain due to some recent wrong deeds. However, the latest buzz reveals the channel is picking up Alaskan Bush People for a fourth season renewal. If the information is true, then it would be great news for fans. What could be expected from the Wolfpack in Alaskan Bush People Season 4? Here are some ideas.

Bam Bam too has a love story:

Rumors about Joshua Brown’s aka Bam Bam’s lovelife are rife as the reality star has been spotted wearing a gold ring. Is it a wedding ring? The possibilities are high. Reports say the Brown boy has frequently been seen with one of the producers of Alaskan Bush People, Allison Kagan. The reasons are certainly not professional since both were found hanging out at a bar in the Big Apple. Bam Bam’s Facebook account has a few photographs indicating the new relationship.

Bam Bam acknowledged that his trip to New York became possible because of the assistance of several Alaskan Bush People fans. In the photos, he looked quite happy. He never denied that he was there with Kagan. He expressed his feelings for her: “a respecter of danger and my favorite person in the whole world.”

Speculations say the pair might have taken wedding vows. Why? A recent photograph of Bam Bam with a fan showed him wearing a gold ring on his left hand. At a Paul McCartney concert with a fan, he has his arm around her neck, and the ring can be clearly noticed.

If the speculations turn out to be true, then Bam Bam will be a major highlight in Alaskan Bush People Season 4. Until now, Matt Brown has been the talk of the town on the bushy series, so it will be great to see another Brown child coming into the picture.

Matt’s Return is a Sheer Possibility:

The last season of Alaskan Bush People addressed the alcohol issue of Matt Brown. However, the season didn’t end on a very happy note since the eldest Brown decided to continue his stay at the rehab. His absence has only served to fuel the rumor mill. Although there were also talks that Alaskan Bush People will continue without him, Matt’s fans are hopeful to see him again soon.

Browns’ Non-Bushy Acts:

Billy and Bam Bam pleaded guilty to forgery and were each sentenced to 30 days in jail. The Browns’ inclination towards wealth has put a big question mark over their genuineness in the last season. Despite revolving around so many negative incidents, the show continues to secure its popularity among fans. We can expect that the fans’ favorite wild people will come out of these controversies next season. Perhaps this is one of the major reasons for Alaskan Bush People‘s new season renewal.

We will keep you updated about Alaskan Bush People Season 4, so stay tuned.