Hit reality series Alaskan Bush People is constantly in the news these days. There’re a lot of rumors floating around, but there’s not a whole lot of evidence to back them up. Moreover, the show faced a major drop in viewership ratings (last season) due to Matt Brown’s alcohol addiction. The cliff-hanger ending of season 3 could not reveal much about Matt Brown’s return to Alaskan Bush People season 4.

Meanwhile, there is a buzz that  Discovery is going ahead with Alaskan Bush People season 4. If the claims are true, then chances are high that the show might be back without the eldest Brown boy.

Is Alaskan Bush People Season 4’s renewal in exchange for Matt Brown’s removal?

Fan favorite Matt Brown suffered from alcoholism for quite some time. However, the issue only came into the picture last season. The reality series addressed the matter carefully. Fans saw him entering rehab. Not only did the addiction affect Matt’s reputation, it also placed a big question mark over the genuineness of Alaskan Bush People.

Matt Brown’s occasional confessions about his struggle to deal with his addiction could not really add extra points to the viewership of the show. He even admitted that he was forced to stay away from Alaskan Bush People as well as his family.

Did the channel decide to continue Alaskan Bush People season 4 sans Matt Brown? Would that be a great idea? Who knows what the future will bring for the show ? Only time will tell.

Cutting off a major character from the plot is not a big deal for any TV show. It often leads to an uptick in show’s ratings. Going by the trend, is it safe to assume that Discovery might have picked up Alaskan Bush People for a new season after deciding to remove Matt Brown from the series?

There’s no official word from Discovery about the issue. The channel has neither confirmed nor discredited such claims. Whether or not Alaskan Bush People season 4 feature Matt Brown’s return, is yet to be seen.