While the Alaskan Bush People fans have been clamoring for the fourth season of the reality series, the latest update on the series might come as a pleasant surprise to them. Sources say that Discovery might slate Alaskan Bush People season 4 release in November 2016. Adding to their surprise, it has also been revealed that Matt Brown’s return is possible in the approaching installment of the show.

Alaskan Bush People Season 4 Release Date is in November?

Rumors are rife that Alaskan Bush People season 4 release date is in November 2016. And if we consider the shooting part of the show, November doesn’t sound a complete impossibility.  According to many fans, the cast and crew of Alaskan Bush People were last spotted in Browntown in the month of August. They were busy filming Alaskan Bush People season 4. It has now been more than couple of months since the production work for Alaskan Bush People was underway, stated blastingnews. Hence, it can be speculated the show is now up for an editing process. Because editing is a time-consuming affair, the November rumored release date for Alaskan Bush People season 4 seems to be a convincing deal.

Alaskan Bush People Season 3 Finale was Disappointing for Mat Brown Fans

The cliff-hanger ending of Alaskan Bush People season 3 was not satisfying for the viewers. We saw Billy and Ami were waiting for Josh to bring back Matt from rehab to Browntown in their small boat. As Billy and Amy watched Josh come into sight on the water, it became clear Matt was not with him.  Such an uncertain climax left the world wonder whether or not Matt Brown would continue in Alaskan Bush People season 4. Matt later confessed that he was forced to stay away from the show as well as his family.

Why is Matt Brown’s Return Possible?

Matt Brown was accused of being the reason for the show to be called off. However, the reality is, these were all rumors. The filming of the show has been resumed. So, it can be expected that the fan-favorite bushy heartthrob is very much a part of Alaskan Bush People season 4. A few days back, Matt also posted some photos on his Facebook page. Those images showed him out of the rehab and doing quite well. If truth be told, it would be great to see Matt in good health. This might be one of the most interesting parts of the show.

Alaskan Bush People season 4 release date is yet to be officially announced. Till then,  stay tuned for more updates.