After speculations and allegations, Alaskan Bush People season 4 is still trying to find its way into existence, and it looks like it may finally be happening. There have been a lot of false starts along the way, but relevant reports reveal that the production work of the show is underway. There are also reports that the ongoing scandals linked to the Brown family have revealed many unknown truths about them. These facts explain why these Bushy folks are fan-favorites.  Let us learn the about them below.

Myths Busted!

# Alaskan Bush People are Gold Diggers!

No, they are not. Why? It is because they family is in need of money but they never took their misery to the show to pull money from the fans.

Billy Brown was charged with 24 counts of unsworn falsification and theft in January 2016. They barely resided there even then they claimed money for the Alaskan pipeline as full-time residents. There is no denying it was totally wrong on their part. Being involved in dodgy dealings is not an excuse for being needy! What is appreciable here is their honesty to their fans. The Browns never kept things under wrap.

Neither Billy Brown, his wife Ami, nor their seven children including Matt Brown, Joshua Bam Bam Brown ,32, Bear, 28, Gabe 25, Noah, 23, Snowbird, 21, and 12-year-old daughter Rain have asked any fans for money.  Since these kids are very regular on social media interacting with their fans, extracting money from them (fans) would have been a real easy job for them. But these bushy youngsters never attempted to take undue advantage.

#Billy and Ami brown fail miserably as ‘Parents’!

Of course, they don’t. Billy and Ami came from an urban background and more or less they have seen the hardship of life. While Billy lost his family at a young age, Ami grew in a family of alcoholics. When they moved down to Alaska with their two young kids Matt and Josh, their only intention was to give them a peaceful life.

They know the pain of being parentless. Hence, they try to keep their kids protected.  They have taught their seven kids the art of sharing, love, care and concern. The Browns set an example of a perfect family where all the family members spend most of their time doing things together. Modern families often face multiple relationship issues which have emerged as a contribution to the changed lifestyle and less intense relationships. Here, Browns can be considered an exception. Kudos to the family’s patriarch Billy and his better-half Ami. We wish to see more of them in Alaskan Bush People season 4.

# Misunderstandings emerged due to the Promotional gaffe

To date, Discovery has described the Alaskan Bush People with misleading titles like “Deep in the Alaskan wilderness lives a newly discovered family who was born and raised wild.” This has prompted many fans to send money to their favorite stars. Why? Because they feel that Alaskan Bush People are making a difference in a poor family’s life, says Blasting news.

On the contrary, more informed fans and critics believe that the channel should take action and reveal a bit more about the truth behind the Brown family in Alaskan Bush People season 4- regardless of how disheartening that reality might be.

Despite the controversies, the popularity of these reality stars has pushed Alaskan Bush People season 4 forward. For more updates stay tuned.