There is absolutely no denial that the future of Alaskan Bush People is uncertain. There are numerous rumors floating around the internet that Discovery might not pick up the reality show for a new season renewal. Rumors point that Matt Brown is one of the prime reasons for such uncertainty. While nothing has been confirmed yet, we can speculate that Alaskan Bush People season 4 will only focus on Matt Brown.

The previous season of this reality series showed how Matt’s alcohol addiction came into the picture after several instances. He was eventually sent to rehab to get treated. However, at the end of Alaskan Bush People season 3, he didn’t come back with Bam Bam. It was quite disappointing for the Brown parents as well as the fans. Such ending left everyone to ponder at some cliff-hanger moments.

Now there is million dollar question: What would we see if Alaskan Bush People season 4 only highlights Matt Brown’s story?

Matt Brown coming out of the rehabilitation center fit and fine

It would be great to see Matt in good health. This might be one of the most interesting parts of the show.

A warm welcome by the Wolfpack

Matt’s family reunion will be another piece of a surprise for the viewers. How is the family going to react when they’ll meet Matt after a long time? Being the eldest born of the family, his parents and siblings have high expectations from Matt Brown. We hope, this time, he will not disappoint them.

Matt will tell his Tale

Nothing like listening to things straight from the horse’s mouth! His experiences at the rehab while trying to quit a long- developed addiction will be fascinating to watch. We might also get to see special footage of his stay at the rehab center.

How will Matt Brown’s story help the show restore its popularity?

Alaskan Bush People season 4 might need to shift focus away from the Brown patriarch for a moment. Settling on Matt confronting his inner demons would give a chance for the show to earn some positive feedback.

For quite some time, the plot of the show has turned out to be monotonous and Matt’s personal journey might spice it up a bit.

These are only speculations, so take everything with a grain of salt until the channel makes an official announcement about Alaskan Bush People season 4.