The Alaskan Bush People Season 4 post-season special revisited many episodes, but it highlighted some unseen footage from the Discovery reality. Revealing many new chapters on the Brown family, the installment has definitely had a ripple effect on fans. Let us discover how.

The Discovery Channel describes this episode as follows:

“In this special episode, a deeper look into the Browns’ time spent down south. And in never before seen footage, brothers Bear and Bam commemorate their time in the Lower 48 in an extreme way.”

The Lower 48 states visit felt alienating:

When the Brown parents visited the Lower 48 states along with their eldest born, they experienced cultural shock.  The post-season special episode of Alaskan Bush People showed how Matt was shocked to find out that in the Lower 48 states, water costs more than pop. Of course, for people who live in the Alaskan wilds, the definition of lifestyle is quite different. There were a few things that did not surprise the Browns, like the washing machine. Since the family has not lived full-time in the Alaskan wilderness for the last three decades, they might be familiar with some automated home appliances.

Doughnuts instead of worms for dinner were a treat for the Browns:

Life in the bush is not easy.  Food is only for survival, not for relishing. The amount of food available in the Lower 48 states was irresistible to the Brown family.  They could barely think of anything other than cooking up worms as a meal back in the wilds.  While on their adventure, each member of the wolfpack took turns getting dinner for the rest of the family.  When it was Gabe’s turn, he brought a dozen doughnuts. That dinner was no less than a family feast for the clan.

Matt Brown got bitten by a stray and the infection was severe:

Weeks before they visited the Lower 48 states, Matt Brown petted a stray while walking on the beach. However, this soon turned out to be a nightmare for the fellow because the dog bit him. After returning home, he didn’t pay attention to the wound. What appeared like a small dog bite became infected in a very big way. Matt showed his arm to the camera, and it had a red strip going up. The intensity of his wound looked like an infection festering. His infection called for a medical emergency.  He was soon airlifted to Anchorage accompanied by his brother Noah. After getting treated with antibiotics, Matt Brown returned to Browntown.

The Brown boys need lessons on dating:

The post-season special episode of Alaskan Bush People had some interesting clips of the Brown boys’ love life. None of them succeeded due to their strange approaches.  For example, Matt Brown took his date to a junkyard ,which failed to impress her, reports Blasting News.

The post-season special of Alaskan Bush People aired Friday night. However, do not fret if you have missed it. You can still watch it on Comcast Xfinity On Demand until July 25.