Discovery reality series Alaskan Bush People follows many endearing back-stories. The recent one offers more juicy details about the Wolfpack. Brown patriarch reveals the story behind the inception of the pack.  Let us find out.

In a video posted on Discovery’s official page, Billy Brown shares their frightening experience with wolves in the Alaskan wilderness.  The Browns talks about the adventures they’ve had as a family and tell the story of how their howling first began.

According to Billy and Ami, it was during the building of their cabin, the wolves reached out to them.  The main reason was food.  Since the family just finished off their dinner, there was food around.

In Alaskan Bush People’s case, food and invading the privacy can be considered as the two primary reasons for their visit. As per the law of nature, food makes wild animals lose their natural fear of humans. Once animals learn there is food around, they can become a nuisance—or even worse, a safety risk. Wolves are shy and generally avoid people.  However, marching into their area often makes them feel threatened.

Billy Brown expresses how the pack of wolves started to come close after each howl.

In his words: “As we sat there one wolf howled one side of their property. A few second later another wolf howled on the other side of it.  Next time the wolves howled they were a lot close, I mean a whole lot close. They were literally howling all around us.”

As parents, their main concern was the safety of the kids without freaking them out. They feared the approaching predators would kill the family at any point in time. Their only defense against these wild animals was an Odd 6 gun and a .44 Magnum Revolver. Soon things took a terrifying turn with three wolves howling together.

Making things worse, the Brown kids started to howl. Billy tried to shut them off fearing that their howling would draw the attention of the predators.   However, it was a game changer. The wolves reciprocated with howling.  The howls from both the sides continued for some time.  Finally, the marauders leave the area without harming the bushy people.

Ami Brown concluded: “They knew we were a pack like they were a pack.”

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This is how the story of the human Wolfpack in Alaskan Bush People has started.

More updates about Alaskan Bush People will be available here.