The genuineness of the Alaskan Bush People is once again in the debate.  The latest buzz is only fueling the fire.

The Discovery Channel reality show is all about a family known as the Wolfpack which struggles to survive in the Alaskan wild. A video posted by a relevant source reveals that the Brown family may not be struggling as much as the fans might believe. Are Alaskan Bush People real or fraudsters? Read the shocking story in details here.

Browns are not as poor as they pose on TV

The Browns’ exact net worth is not easy to find without scrutinizing their tax returns.  However, if the success of Alaskan Bush People is to be considered, then it is hard to digest that the Brown family is poor. Anybody who is a part of any popular television series gets paid to be on the show. TV channels usually go for such deals to retain the participants–no matter where they prefer to live in.

The Brown patriarch is renowned for his books

Much before Alaskan Bush People, Billy Brown gained popularity as an author for penning down two books.  One of them, One Wave At A Time, was the prime inspiration for television series. Currently, the Brown patriarch has over 70 books under his belt.

Bushy Take on Technology

Living away from an urban civilization often makes people technologically challenged. But in the Alaskan Bush People case, things turned out to be something different. Despite born and raised in the bushy-lifestyle, they seemed to be quite advanced in using gadgets and technology.

It is impressive to see how in 2008, Gabriel Brown posted a YouTube video talking about Browns. He shared their (Brown kids) experience when they came out of the wilds for the first time and witnessed a traffic jam and eaten fast food.  At the end of the clip, Gabriel imitates a few celebrities. It’s interesting to note that without TV or the internet the kid is so updated about the celebrities.

The Wolfpack was found guilty of forgery

The Alaskan Bush People are not naive when it comes to wealth and property. They can go to any extent for money. Billy Brown was charged with 24 counts of unsworn falsification and theft in January 2016. At the same time, Ami and sons Solomon and Gabe each faced eight counts. Sons Noah and Josh were also charged with six counts each.

According to ABC News, Brown allegedly lied and applied for funds they weren’t qualified for. The forgery was employed to receive Permanent Fund dividend checks from the state. Billy and son Josh pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor and were each sentenced to 30 days in jail. The family was ordered to pay $21,000 in restitution to the state of Alaska.

Check out the video below, via Looper.

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