The reality of Alaskan Bush People has always been in debates.  A recent buzz says that they fake their bushiness just to be in the public eye.

So far, we have seen the Brown family in Alaskan Bush People is being loved worldwide for their endearing assets, including their very own invented language with an accent and alienating bushy behavior.

On the contrary, when cash is involved the Alaskan Bush People do not hesitate to toss bushy lifestyle aside for whatever keeps the money flowing in. Is everything not as bushy as it seemed?  Let us now delve into the reality of the Brown family.

Memaw Medium

Ami Brown’s mother Earlene aka Memaw was quite in the news. The old lady traveled all the way from Texas to Alaska to meet her daughter. A report published in The BitBag shows the fans of the show highly doubt Memaw’s sad reunion story as a publicity stunt.  Ami Brown’s family used the Alaskan Bush People Facebook fan pages just to get public attention.

Some Twitter Posts of fans doubting the reality of Alaskan Bush People:

Is the Estrangement is intended?

They even doubt that Ami’s relationship with her family is not as estranged as it’s been portrayed. “Memaw’s Trip” was sponsored by Ami’s great-nephew, Charles Gilbert, and he was to be readily available to document the trip via photos and videos on Facebook and YouTube sites. Ami’s brother, Les Branson and her great-nephew Gilbert, who planned this trip, belonged to the many Alaskan Bush People Facebook pages promoting Memaw’s voyage.

Hawaii over Memaw

Fans have seen how the Brown family failed to meet Memaw at Alaska as they were in Hawaii.  It looked like they were not aware of Memaw’s tour. Sadly, Memaw had to spend her time with one of the locals in Alaska. The person happened to be one of the members of one of the Alaskan Bush People Facebook pages. To greet the elderly woman the fellow threw a picnic. When the fans dug deeper into the story, things turned out quite shocking.

According to an investigation by one of the fan’s Facebook page administrators, Brown family knew Memaw was coming to see Ami. In fact, Ami’s brother Branson also knew that the Browns would be in Hawaii at the same time.  This means everything is made-up and we know the reasons.

It’s a Teamwork?

Going by a Facebook post of Ami’s cousin Gilbert, who financed Memaw’s trip, it appeared as though he may have been in Hawaii along with the Brown family while he was said to be taking Memaw back home from the Alaska trip. The post arrived shortly after it appeared. It is also alleged that Ami was not estranged from her family for 30 years. Moreover, she and her husband Billy acted as a team with her family to create this whole mother-daughter reunion drama to pull attention.

Taking all the instances into consideration one by one, will it be wrong to doubt the genuineness of bushy people? Don’t you think all these revelations put question marks over the Alaskan Bush People?