Rumors are rife about the Discovery reality series Alaskan Bush People‘s cancellation. Poor viewership ratings are considered as a major factor for such speculations.  The show has received a lot of negative feedback for Billy Brown’s lust for wealth and Matt Brown’s alcohol addiction. Now, Joshua Brown aka Bam Bam has added a new tweak in the story. His love story with producer Allison Kagan might bring an end to Alaskan Bush People. Will the show get canceled because of Joshua Brown’s scandal?

The life of Alaskan Bush People is nowhere close to reality. They are always packed with drama and controversies. The recent reason for Alaskan Bush People’s cancellation is linked to Joshua Brown. Relevant sources reveal that this Brown boy has frequently been seen with one of the producers of Alaskan Bush People, Allison Kagan. The reasons are certainly not professional since both were found hanging out at a bar in New York City. Bam Bam’s social media page also showed a few photographs hinting towards their relationship. Many fans are even speculating that the two have already taken the wedding vows.

This is a major change in the history of reality TV series. Although we have seen reality stars marrying crew members, balancing things along with the plot might not be as easy as it sounds. How is Discovery going to portray the romance? If the channel fails to give the story the right direction by keeping it within the main plot, it will be a blunder. Perhaps Joshua’s love story would be considered as a scandal in the reality TV circuit. This will again cause a major drop in the ratings of Alaskan Bush People.

Previously, the absence of Matt Brown at the end of Alaskan Bush People Season 3 provided endless grist to the rumor mill. Many speculate he might get precluded from the upcoming season of the show. Now there is a question over Joshua’s existence on the show following the recent development in his life. Alaskan Bush People minus two Brown boys won’t be an interesting piece to watch.

Despite his misdemeanor, Matt is a famous star of the show. By looking at the growing popularity of Matt Brown, is this Joshua’s insecurity-fed stunt to be in the public eye?

It remains to be seen whether Joshua’s love for Kagan is true or if he is heading for a scandal just to be in the news.  If the latter happens, Alaskan Bush People will have too much to handle. Chances are also high that the show might be called off.