Among many stories on “Alaskan Bush People,” Ami Brown’s past and her estranged relationship with her family is the most speculated one.  The revelations made by her brother Les Branson played a key role in unearthing all those unknown chapters of Ami’s life.  Despite her old age, Ami’s mother is undertaking a Texas-Alaska journey to meet her daughter one last time. Did Ami Brown respond to the news? Did she skip the reunion with her mother?

There is no denying that Ami’s family tried its best to connect with her.  They kept the media as well as the fans updated through their Facebook Page .  The recent update was on her 83-year-old mother Earlene Branson, who set out for Alaska to meet Ami. To make Ami aware they did everything they could, a YouTube channel called “Memaw’s Trip To Alaska” posted videos of the Alaskan trip.  They also expected a possible family reunion taking place on camera.

Ami’s mother, accompanied by her sister Jeana Williamson and cousin Chuck Gilbert, took the flight to Alaska. However, it looks like the info about the travel plans did not excite her, as the Brown couple did not react, reports Radar Online.

Relevant sources revealed that when the Texas family arrived in the Alaskan Bush People Wolfpack, there was no one to greet them.  Is everybody out of town?

Most recent Alaskan Bush People spoilers hint that the family was enjoying a holiday in Hawaii. Photos of the vacation featuring Bam Bam, Rain, Snowbird and Noah are floating on the internet. However, it is not yet known whether Ami was there. If yes, Ami Brown and her old mother might not have reunited.

Look who I found at the mall. The Alaskan Bush People.😃

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Emily Fehrenbacher, a writer for Alaska Dispatch-News revealed the truth. She said that the reunion was not the idea of the producers of the show, so it might not be a part of any of the future episodes.

Meanwhile, Discovery has presented some justifications addressing the issue.

What do you think about Ami Brown’s reunion with her family?