Inderjit Singh Reyat, the only person convicted for the Air India bombing in 1985, got released on Wednesday.

According to the Crown, Reyat made the bombs to be exploded mid-air on two Indian government-owned planes. He is believed to have done so to take revenge on the Indian government.

Reyat was convicted of manslaughter in 1991 after having been accused of killing two baggage handlers at Tokyo’s Narita airport in June 23, 1985. Another suitcase bomb exploded over the Atlantic Ocean on the same day. The explosion in the Air India plane killed 329 people.

In an earlier trial, the court heard that a Duncan, BC well driller unknowingly supplied some explosive material to Reyat.

Duncan resident Tom Paterson said the victims’ family would have to live with the tragedy while the person responsible for it walked free and joined his family. “My God, I can’t wrap my mind around conceiving such a plan in the first place, let alone executing it,” The Star quoted Paterson as saying.

“How many communities anywhere have had a Reyat Singh in their midst?”

Reyat, a mechanic who lived on Vancouver Island, was responsible for the worst mass murder in Canadian history. A June 2010 report said the Canadian government made a “cascading series of errors.” The report accused the Canadian Security Intelligence Service of allowing the terrorist attacks to happen.

The parole board is apparently convinced that Reyat has no regrets for what he did. A psychological report in 2013 says he lacks “true empathy and remorse” for the victims, CBC News reported.

Paterson calls him “real evil” while the board believes Reyat’s affiliation with the extremist group, which was involved in the terror act, “has not been terminated.”

“I’m six feet two, and he seemed taller, the way he carried himself,” Paterson said. “Once you saw him, you remembered him.”