A suspicious device found on an Air France Flight precipitating an emergency landing, was a hoax. The airline chief executive, on Sunday, said that the flight which was from Mauritius to Paris had an emergency landing due to a “false alarm.”

According to the CEO Frederic Gagey, Air France staff made the decision to land the Boeing 777 in Mombasa after one of the passengers found a suspicious looking object in the toilet on Saturday and immediately informed the crew, noted Reuters.

The flight was carrying 472 people and among them, two were considered as the suspects who planted the bomb and they were questioned by Kenyan security Forces.

A statement posted by Kenyan Airports Authority said that the bomb experts from Kenyan Navy had taken the object to safety. It also confirmed that the Kenyan security was zeroing in on two suspects among the passengers. The Airport security was able to secure the airport and all “critical facilities around.” The passengers were taken to a nearby hotel while the investigation was going on.

Air France CEO Frederic Gagey later confirmed that the object was a Hoax.

Gagey later reported in a news conference that after analysis of the object it had been found that the bomb was a hoax. The information gathered clearly indicated that the object could not create any explosion or damages to the airplane. He also added that it was as trivial as “cardboard, paper and household timer”.

According to The Guardian, the flight AF463 was the third plane to be diverted after the Paris attack. Two flights from US to Paris were diverted on November 18 after the authorities received bomb threat. However, no bomb was found in both the cases. The state of emergency prevails in France after the 13 November Paris attacks.