The events of the Agents of SHIELD season 4 finale was a mixture of a lot of emotions. Mostly heartbreaking, it revealed Lincoln as the Fallen Agent teased. However, amidst the major scenes, a simple remark proved to be the biggest reveal on the finale. Will the show’s Comic Con 2016 panel clarify that reveal?

The controversial scene in question comes from Phil Coulson himself. The last minutes of the season 4 finale showed a six-month jump from when Hive’s plans of Inhuman domination crumbled. The fast forward showed that Daisy is on her own, and hunted by SHIELD. While on Daisy’s heels, Coulson remarks to Mack that they should call the director and inform that they’ve struck out again.

This in itself was a bomb drop for fans. Why isn’t Coulson the director anymore? Who replaced him? While the next season of Agents of SHIELD will surely address this, the upcoming Comic Con 2016 have fans hoping that the AoS panel reveals the new director’s identity.

Agents of SHIELD season 4 panel

According to Marvel‘s official announcement, the Agents of SHIELD panel debuts on July 22, Friday. Marvel’s Head of Television Jeph Loeb, showrunners and the cast themselves will grace the event. The official website also promises that the panel “will bring fans the latest news and a few surprises about Season 4 of the hit series!”

Since anything can happen, one of those surprises may just be the tease for the new director.

Since the finale’s airing, potential names for the new director made the rumor mill. Agent Melinda May, Major Glenn Talbot, Maria Hill and even Nick Fury were rumored names. Nick Fury, who is the original director, may stand as highly unlikely–mostly for character constraints.

Samuel L. Jackson plays the part, who has more film projects lined up including Kong: Skull Island and The Hitman’s Bodyguard. Hence, filming for TV poses a schedule conflict. Agent May and Major Talbot appear as the likely candidates.

However, there’s also a huge possibility that Maria Hill now serves as director. Not only will this bring a beloved character back on screen, but fans get to see more of actress Cobie Smulders every Tuesday nights.

Everything remains a mystery until the Agents of SHIELD season 4 reveals secrets at Comic Con 2016.