The vast cinematic universe of Marvel allowed key players to make appearances across different platforms. With that possibility available, can Marvel’s Defenders from Netflix appear on Agents of SHIELD season 4?

The scenario would certainly be a dream come true for fans. However, it seems like the gang’s appearance on Agents of SHIELD won’t happen any time soon.

The very one to crush the hopes of Marvel’s loyal followers is Clark Gregg himself. Gregg plays the beloved agent Phil Coulson. Known for being the Avengers’ drive in uniting, Agent Coulson (presumed dead to majority of the films’ characters) has since moved on from film to television.

He now headlines ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, though it remains to be seen why he isn’t the director anymore.

In an interview with Nerd HQ during San Diego Comic-Con, the actor revealed that Iron Fist was one of his favorite comics as a teen. He further shared that he’d love to see Daniel Rand appear in SHIELD. However, although that’s what he wants, he can’t see it happening.

Gregg’s comment comes after a member of the audience asks which character they’d like to “chase after” on the show. The actor had this to say:

“…because it was one of my favorite comics as a teen, I would’ve said Daniel Rand–Iron Fist. But suddenly, there’s a gigantic, invisible force field barrier called ‘corporate stuff’. Unless who knows, maybe we will develop a weapon that would break through that, and get me over to Netflix for a minute.”

True enough, a crossover between SHIELD and the Defenders would require a lot of negotiations and time. Nevertheless, if there’s people who would want to make it happen, nothing is impossible.

Check out the rest of the interview in the video below.

Agents of SHIELD season 4

While Luke Cage or Jessica Jones won’t appear on SHIELD, one other character shows up next season. Ghost Rider (Gabriel Luna) makes his way to the show come season 4. Fans have to wait to see how he fits into the narrative of the show.

For now, fans have a lot of burning questions they need answers to. For one, who is the new director of SHIELD? We’re rooting for Cobie Smulders’s Maria Hill, but it seems a long shot. Another is, why did Daisy go rogue? The answer could be simple as blaming herself for Lincoln’s death.

However, nothing is ever simple with SHIELD.

Agents of SHIELD season 4 returns on September 20, at its new 10 p.m. timeslot.