‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 4 fans seem to be expecting some changes in the new season. Like the series not adhering to the status quo, they named the new comic characters who will join Phil Coulson and his team.

After the series’ Season 4 was officially confirmed, there were a lot of speculations rgarding what’s in store for the next season. According to IGN’s unofficial list, nine comic characters will be joining Phil Coulson’s team.

The characters are as follows: Karnak, Damage Control, Clay Quartermain, Jimmy Woo, Titania, The Wrecking Crew, Flag-Smasher, Songbird and US Agent.

However, this list is not considered official as there are still thousands of Marvel characters to choose from, Eric Goldman from IGN said.

However, thus far, the nine characters announced are the most sought-after characters by the audience, and they may or may not be considered as additional comic characters for the series.

First on the list is Karnak from The Inhumans who is a bit low-key compared with the rest of the group but has the ability to see the flaws in everything. The skill alone can make him the coolest characters to join the ‘Agents of SHIELD’ characters.

Second is Damage Control, who is considered useful in cleaning up messes quickly and efficiently. In a world where frequent alien attacks and battles occur, having this character should be considered.

Third is Clay Quartermain who is in the classic SHIELD comic book and has played a significant role in the series as well. His character will make interesting connections, especially with his frequent ties to SHIELD’s Hulkbuster program and to Hulk himself.

Aside from that, he’s also notable for dating Jessica Jones before she settled down with Luke Cage. Based from these interesting facts about Clay, his joining will surely add spice to Season 4 of the series this year.

Fourth is Jimmy Woo, another classic character from Marvel’s SHIELD. Like Clay Quartermain, his joining can be a good fit in Phil Coulson’s force, especially because of his skills in creating outrageous concepts in the team.

Fifth on the list is Titania. She is worthy to be added in the group because of her incredible strength and tactics in fighting against big villains in the Marvel universe.

Sixth is Wrecking Crew, which will be a cool force to mix with the new ‘Agents of SHIELD’ in Season 4. Each of the members – The Wrecker, Bulldozer,  Piledriver and Absorbing Man –  has his distinctive powers that can be highly utilized by the team. Just imagine Thor’s super strength. That’s how they are.

Seventh is Flag-Smasher who is anti-Captain America. Adding a twist on villains like the Wrecking Crew, this character has the same skill as Captain America, although they differ in beliefs. Cap is all about patriotism and justice. Flag-Smasher is not.

Eighth is the Songbird. The name may sound sweet but the way she will mix with the ‘Agents of SHIELD’ team will not. Her sonic scream power feels like a thunderbolt.

Ninth is US Agent, who will act as a new, government-approved superhero who will go against the SHIELD. Again, he will spice up the new season this year like the rest of the interesting villains requested to be on screen.

Aside from the new comic characters, there will be a new director to lead the team, Den of Geek said. However, no official statements regarding the issue have been released yet.

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