“Agent Carter” was axed by ABC even before it got its third season run. Fans all over the world were disappointed by the network’s decision. But is there still hope for Peggy Carter? Is this not yet the end of the line for her? Will the show really get another chance with Netflix or Amazon?

According to Movie Pilot, neither Netflix nor Amazon has decided to take on the next season of “Agent Carter” yet. However, the show’s star Hayley Atwell is “100 Percent” ready to return as the iconic Marvel character should a third season be made.”I love Peggy,” Atwell was quoted as saying. “I love the people working on this project…[It was] a privilege and honour to bring her back to the fans.”

The actress also said she is willing to do everything necessary to bring the show back. “I’d shoot on the weekends… Whatever it takes,” she said. The show might have been cancelled. The character might have even died in the recent “Captain America: Civil War” movie. But fans of the show are not willing to let go of Peggy just yet. As Movie Pilot pointed out, some fans have even launched a petition on Change.org for Netflix to bring back the show.

Actor Dominic Cooper has a different suggestion, though. According to Digital Spy, the actor thinks Amazon should be Peggy Carter’s next small screen home. “I’m sure there’s people talking about it now,” Cooper said. “What’s wonderful about Amazon and other streaming sites, whereas that might have been the end of the road completely, now there’s hope that it might not be.” The actor also assured fans that he is “well up for doing more Howard Stark [for as long as there’s] more story to tell.”

However, neither Netflix nor Amazon has commented on these “Agent Carter” petitions.