Africans have rolled out a petition to save the lion called Sylvester, who tiptoed out of a national park in Africa on Sunday.

Sylvester escaped from the Karoo National Park in the Western Cape province, earlier this week. He crept under the fence after heavy rains dislodged the soil, said Wanda Mkutshulwa, a spokeswoman for South African National Parks (SANParks) in a report by CNN.

The petition, Save Sylvester The Lion, came up after the authorities decided to kill the lion once they find him. The official decision has poked the Africans’ sentiments who are not liking it at all. The petition has forgathered more than 3000 signatures.

The hashtag #SaveSylvester has also been making rounds on social media in South Africa since Wednesday.

SANParks on Tuesday posted on Facebook that authorities would kill the lion.  But after facing criticism over the decision, SANParks apologised for its statement and said that authorities are taking several measures and would capture the lion safely. It came up with five options, with one is to kill him down. The other options are to bring him safely and upgrade the fencing, reports BBC.

“We have a whole range of options that we are still considering,” said Mkutshulwa.

With the help of a 14-person squad, authorities are taking aerial support to tag a radio collar fitted on the lion last year. “The collar is still sending signals, so we have a general idea of where the lion is,” Mkutshulwa added.

Currently, the lion has already travelled 20 kilometres and has killed a cow. However, the decision on what to do with the lion will be made after his capture.

In June 2015, Sylvester escaped from the park and was on the run for more than three weeks. He killed a number of sheep and cattle, wandering 300 kilometres. The authorities found him sleeping and airlifted from the Nuweveld Mountains in Western Cape, reported BBC.

Meantime, another lion was killed on Wednesday in Kenya after injuring a man in the Kajiado district, near Nairobi, reports ABC News.