The Western Bulldogs won against the Sydney Swans in the AFL Grand Final by 22 points at the MCG, to end their 62-year premiership drought. However, after winning, the Bulldogs enjoyed their Mad Monday celebrations instead of making an appearance in Ballarat on Monday afternoon.

In a report by The Age, the City of Ballarat told excited Bulldogs fans at the weekend that their drought-breaking team would be in the regional center for a parade but the excitement turned into disappointment for the fans.

Western Bulldogs’ Mad Monday celebrations took place at a pub in Melbourne where the players gathered to party the night away and enjoy their historic Grand Final victory. The 2016 AFL premiership players were said to have locked themselves inside the Railway Hotel in Yarraville at 11 o’clock in the morning.

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 In an interview by The Age with Butcher George Vourvahakis, owner of Andrews’ of Yarraville opposite the hotel, he said he saw a number of Bulldogs players going inside the pub.

“I saw Lin Jong and a few others, but I am not familiar with all their names. They went in straight away,” Mr. Vourvahakis said. He also shared that the players were just dressed in jeans and T-shirts. According to Vourvahakis, the players were not loud while in the pub. He even assumed that maybe, the players were just eating and watching the replay.

The Herald Sun reported that the pub in Melbourne was covered in paper across all windows and doors, thus blocking views from the street. A notice was also pinned on each entry of the pub, stating that it would be closed for private functions until Tuesday.

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Meanwhile, despite the absence of the players, more than 1,000 Bulldogs fans still gathered in Ballarat to celebrate their victory. It was later on announced that Bulldogs coach Like Beveridge and Mr. Gordon will only be the ones to attend the 2016 AFL Premiereship Cup.

The Bulldogs had not been in the Grand Final since 1961, and were only known when the Western Bulldogs beat the Sydney Swans 89-67 for their first premiership victory since 1954.

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