West Australian Callum Ah Chee is being touted as the jet-powered, high-flying classy forward. His prospects of being a promising star seem evident on the card. Callum has already played a vital role in the Bulldogs’ win as he kicked two goals in his first game for South Fremantle’s WAFL team, notes AFL’s official website.

Callum is regarded as one of the top picks in the NAB AFL Draft this season for Western Australia. He has underlined his performance with some exceptional display of talent and ability. Recruiters also feel that he is one humble individual despite his incredible speed (he made a 2.88-second 20m sprint) and agility.

He uses his foot brilliantly and can pinpoint short passes on both sides of his body quite immaculately. His kicking abilities have been impressive and knows how to make space for himself as well as his teammates.

The AFL website describes Ah Chee as, “The 18-year-old separates himself from some of his fellow draft hopefuls with his aerial exploits. Despite being only 182cm, Ah Chee has a big leap on him that gives him another way to get into the game. That was evident earlier in the year at the MCG, with his huge mark in the goalsquare playing for the NAB AFL Academy.”

Even his younger brother, Brendon Ah Chee, has turned quite a fortune for himself as the classy half-forward/wingman proved very impressive with his current form. He is possibly one of the top-five picks predicted at the start of the year.

Callum has been very consistent and experts feel that he is ready to start at senior level. As Callum Twomey comments in his AFL post, “He is among the most prodigiously talented prospects.”

His playing style is also similar to that of Jack Billings as both of them have enough a dangerous capability to pose threat near the goal.