AFL 2016 fans will have to miss Jarryd Roughead for another 12 months due to cancer. This is after the Hawthorn star has been diagnosed with melanoma in his lungs.

The football star was supposed to return after recovering from a knee injury, The Guardian reports. However, a checkup showed four spots in his lungs which biopsy revealed as cancerous.

As a result, Jarryd will have to undergo a 12-month immunotherapy at the Peter McCallum Cancer Centre, Fox Sports reports.

“I was hoping to play this week. But the doctor has been upfront with what needs to happen. I understand the drugs they need to use are very good,” the football star reveals.

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He also said he never felt anything was wrong with him as the cancer never showed any symptoms.

Despite the cancer, the four-time premiership player remains optimistic that he will be able to overcome the cancer and its treatment. Club doctor Michael Makdissi has also kept a positive outlook on the treatment’s outcome, saying, “There’s not the usual side-effects.”

As for retirement, Jarryd Roughead was quick to clear the rumors, saying he will definitely be back.

“I heard rumors that I was going to retire today, but I’m 29 and still got two years on a deal left. I’m still going to be here for two and a half years,” the Hawthorn star clarified.

Even with the ‘full-on’ treatment ongoing, Roughead expects himself to still be part of the training in the club.

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All Roughead asks is that everyone treat him normally.

“At the end of the day Im still fine, I’m not going anywhere. Treat me normal…I don’t want to be going down the street and have all eyes look at you.”

Meanwhile, Hawthorn football operations manager Chris Fagan has also asked the fans, football community and the media to give Jarryd Roughead and his family privacy as he roughs it out on a 12-month melanoma recovery.