A rogue Afghan police officer had allegedly killed 10 of his colleagues in the south-central province of Uruzgan in  Afghanistan. He did so to help Taliban militants raid their post and steal weapons and ammunition, informed a government spokesperson.

The killed officers were poisoned by their colleague just after midnight on Tuesday. Reportedly this was the second insider attack in the country.

According to Al Jazeera, the attack was part of the Taliban’s unprecedented winter campaign of nationwide violence. Taliban carried out the attack, in spite of the international pressure to begin formal peace talks.

The spokesperson for Uruzgan’s governor, Dost Mohammad Nayab said, “Our investigation shows that this policeman collaborated with the Taliban, drugged his colleagues and killed them when they were unconscious.”

Nayab also stated that the Taliban are the only active insurgents in Uruzgan.

Charchino district chief, Maulem Faiz Mohammad said, “They burned the check post and a police vehicle, and also took the weapons with them.”

He confirmed, “The police officer who paved the way for the Taliban managed to escape with the Taliban.”

Rahimullah Khan, Uruzgan’s deputy police chief, stated that a team has already been assigned to investigate the incident.

Afghan security forces have suffered the most in the hands of Taliban last year as it started strong offensives in the country. Officials have also informed that in most of the districts of Uruzgan the situation is out of control as government operations failed to control Taliban’s violent campaigns.

Insider attack has become a pertinent problem in the country. Last year a US soldier was killed and 2 others were injured in Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan.  US-led invasion ousted Taliban from power in 2001 and the US combate mission ended in Afghanistan in 2014.  This made the Afghan military the group to completely and solely take over the responsibility of fighting the Taliban and other Islamist groups. The NATO troops in Afghanistan are only there to train and support the military and security forces of the country.