Afghan migrants were left stranded in Greece as Macedonia suddenly closed its borders to Afghans.

Around 8,000 migrants were trapped in the northern border of Greece and at the port of Piraeus after Macedonia closed its border to them. This has created further tension in the borders and Athens has vowed to take action against Macedonia, reported Mail Online.

The Macedonia government has blamed Serbia and said that it has done the same to the country. Serbia, on the other hand, said that the decision has been made by Austria and Slovenia at the Balkan corridor.

Serbian Labour Minister Aleksandar Vulin said that according to rules set by Austria and Slovenia everyone could move in. He also added that Serbian does not decide who can cross the border without consulting the states up and migrant route.

Reportedly, Austria has introduced a daily intake of 80 asylum seekers, which triggered a cumulative effect in the Balkan Migrant route. Greece also is going to take diplomatic actions to persuade Macedonia to take up the refugees who are stranded in its border.  “We have begun diplomatic moves… we believe the problem will be resolved,’ junior interior minister for migration Yiannis Mouzalas told parliamentary television.

Another government source said, “We do not expect a (diplomatic) solution today…We will accommodate the Afghans while trying to prevent overcrowding at any of the facilities available”.

Hundreds of the Afghan migrants protested against Macedonia’s move by sitting-down in an area which is no man’s land and occupying the railway line connecting Macedonia and Greece, reported The Indian Express.  They held signs that read, “We can’t go back”, “why racism?”

Some afghan children were holding signs that read, “Help us cross border”.

Germany criticised Austria’s move and said that it is unacceptable. However, it is speculated that Germany also fears that many of these migrants would move to the country. The country is already worried about the rise of asylum seekers more so after the Cologne episode.