Disney’s Adventures in Babysitting has just undergone a 21st century remake. Based on the Adventures in Babysitting blooper video alone, the remake was just as fun for the cast as it was for its original cast.

The original film was released in 1987 starring Elizabeth Shue. Shue portrays a teenager whose babysitting ends up in a string of adventures for the night.

The cast of the remake film recently admitted that none of them had ever seen the original movie before they had to research for their parts.

Asked by E! where they viewed it, they answered in the most millenial way possible: through Netflix!

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E! further reports that the remake also marks a historic moment for Disney. First shown in 1987, the film Adventures in Babysitting is Disney’s 100th original film.

In celebration of this milestone, Disney has been airing all their original films since Memorial Day.

The current cast includes Sabrina Carpenter as Jenny Parker, Sofia Carson as Lola Perez. Nikki Hahn, Madison Horcher and Mallory James Mahoney plays the boisterous Anderson kids. These kids will tag along as Jenny and Luci try to get their hands on one of the kids that run away, IMDB notes.


Though the original movie gets the gang singing in a blues club, the remake shows the kids rapping their woes and misadventures. While the original film had a single babysitter, the 2016 revamp will have two rival babysitters, Jenny and Luci. The Cooper house also has 2 more kids for more adorable mayhem. If that is not enough cuteness, a ferret will also figure in there somehow.

Meanwhile, Sabrina Carpenter admits she was a big fan of the original along with her mom.

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Kevin Quinn on the other hand postponed watching until the day before they were to start watching.

But overall, the cast and crew had a fun time filming the Disney remake. With a million adventures in one movie in the big bad city, the young cast definitely had a filming to remember. Watch the Adventures in Babysitting blooper video below.

Adventures in Babysitting can be seen on the Disney channel.