Thursday night might have hurt Adrien Broner after he was stripped of his WBA junior welterweight belt. But that won’t stop the clash with Ashley Theophane. That meant good news for boxing fans since the Broner & Theophane encounter would go as per schedule.

The D.C. Boxing Commission issued a statement that read:

“On March 25, 2016 the DC Boxing and Wrestling Commission was made aware of an arrest warrant issued by the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, for Adrien Broner, who is scheduled to participate in an upcoming boxing event scheduled on April 1 at the DC Armory. Due to the nature and seriousness of this matter, the commission contacted Mr. Broner’s representatives, expressed the severity of our concerns, and began an investigation to gather information on the status of this situation and to determine if Mr. Broner would be issued a license to fight on April 1.

“Based upon the facts provided by Mr. Broner’s representatives, which were subsequently verified by the Municipal Court of Hamilton County, as well as the Hamilton County prosecutor’s office, the commission is satisfied that Mr. Broner has reached an agreement with the appropriate law enforcement and judicial authorities that does not restrict him from traveling to or participating in the fight on April 1, and through which he will address this serious legal matter. Barring any changes in these facts, and assuming no additional issues arise, the DC Boxing and Wrestling Commission has no plans to withhold a license for Mr. Broner to fight on April 1.”

As per the Boxing Junkie reports, DC Boxing and Wrestling Commission chairman Adam Weers told USA TODAY Sports, earlier this week, that he was thoroughly convinced about the cancellation of the match.

“This is serious stuff,” he said. “We made it clear to (Broner’s camp) on Friday how severe the situation was from our perspective. And they were incredibly communicative. Once they realized how we felt about it, they communicated and helped us understand what was going on.”

Apart from the controversies, Floyd Mayweather added fuel to the fire with his recent comments. According to Sky Sports, just before the clash on Friday Mayweather stated that Broner is a “snake” and “is not good enough to be a pay-per-view fighter.”

“Adrien Broner, his nickname is ‘The Problem’ – I think he has a lot of problems,” he was quoted as saying.

“One thing I’m trying to find out about Adrien Broner – is he a boxing promoter, is he a rapper or is he a gangster?

“Like I said before, ‘The Problem’, that’s what Adrien Broner likes to call himself, if I’m not mistaken.

“The problem that he really needs to focus on is his problem in Cincinnati. I think the best name for him is not ‘The Problem’, it’s ‘Snake’.”

Well, that escalated things a bit to far. We are waiting for Broner’s reaction.