Child Sexual abuse survivor Graeme Frazer has shared his heinous experience during his time at a naval base, calling it a “sheer hell.”

At a royal commission hearing, Frazer said that the abuser warned him to stay quiet and do not report the incident if he wished to remain alive. Tthe Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse hearings are intended towards dealing with the assault complaints relating to Australian Defence Forces. The hearing commenced on Tuesday morning where it was revealed that the abuse issue wasn’t new and the incidents were prominent at the ADF training units.

The commission, according to 9News, heard that the victim suffered from the assault since he was 16. The reports have suggested how the survivor was forced to involve in “nuggeting.” In the process, he had to run a gauntlet and had to suffer from immense pain. It was mentioned in the hearing that the survivor had suffered from both physical and psychological issues after being continuously abused.

Lawyer Adair Donaldson, who is representing 50 cases of child sexual abuse at the ADF training units, said that there are several abuse survivors who have the courage to share their story. “What we are going to hear is a number of courageous survivors who suffered sexual abuse while at the ADF when they were minors,” he said as quoted by the ABC. He added that the victims gather the courage to share their horrifying experience so that no other person suffered from the same. According to him, it is the systematic loophole that compelled an abuse survivor to surrender to the situation.

It was the opening day of the two-week royal commission hearing, which is focused into the dealing of abuse allegations associated with the ADF services, be it army, navy or air force. Out of 111 victims, 50 belonged to the child sexual abuse at naval training base at HMAS Leeuwin, Perth.