Adele’s concert tickets are the most priced possession anyone can have these days. Though the singer has issued a warning stating that tickets believed from unauthorized resale sites will be cancelled, Adele’s concert tickets are still being sold for more than 3,000 per cent above their original price.

According to Mirror UK, Adele’s concert tickets are being sold for £2,000 (AU$4074.57) a piece in resale market. Fans are desperate to see the songstress live in concert and the touts are making full use of this opportunity. The “Hello” singer is set to kick off a 15-week tour of Britain and Europe in February and March.

Fans waited for hours to buy Adele’s concert tickets from the official buyer Ticketamaster but various secondary websites like Seatwave, StubHub, Viagogo and GetMeIn! are now selling the same at more than 30 times their original cost, added the website.

Which? – a consumer watchdog group has requested the government to step in and take some action against the touts who sell the Adele’s concert tickets at skyrocketing prices.

“People get rightly frustrated when they lose out on buying tickets, particularly when they end up on sale at the same time on secondary sites for much higher prices,” Which? executive director Richard Lloyd told Mirror.

“We now need the Government review to crack down on those who resell tickets at inflated prices on an industrial scale,” Lloyd added.

According to Mashable, there is no way Adele’s fan can buy the tickets through proper channel. “There’s no way around it: the reason you can’t get Adele tickets is that your timing is not as good — and your reflexes not as fast — as the vast networks of computers set up by scalpers and resellers,” Mashable’s Business reporter Jason Abbruzzese revealed.

Jared Smith, president of Ticketmaster North America told the website that it is almost impossible to control the secondary market of tickets, where 20 percent of all tickets sold end up being resold.

Adele’s concert tickets for  2016 tour are available on Ticketmaster. Check out more details here.