Adele featured her beautiful face for the official album artwork of “25”. The same cover is now a hot topic on the web. However, it’s now “upside down”.

The result is an extremely bizarre look, HollywoodLife reported. Fans are baffled by it, the website added.

The post has gone viral. Fans are fussing about the optical illusion photo. HollywoodLife noted that it’s been “edited to look creepier” than the songstress’ natural beauty.

HollywoodLife pointed this out, “When the photo is right side up, Adele’s trademark winged eyeliner looks like a freaky pool of black on her lower eyelids while her lower lip looks like someone gave her some extra big lip fillers!

“A fan even mentioned that she has Kylie Jenner, 18, lips. There is a big difference in the photos, but it is difficult to notice that Adele’s eyes and lips are flipped when the image is upside down. So bizarre!” the website added.

The Shade Room shared the picture online.

#Wayment 😩😩😩 what kind of sorcery is this 😩😩… #Adele

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Mail Online reported that over 9,000 people commented on the post. It also noted that it’s been tagged so many times so that others can see it.

One fan went on Twitter to post a reaction to the image.

Another fan tweeted.

While another posted this tweet.

The reactions got creepier as well.

It is still unknown how Adele would react to the viral image. Though given her candid personality, fans may yet see another funny reaction from the songstress.

After Adele’s upside down image, other stars also got flipped, Buzzfeed reported.

@TurnYourPhone also posted upside down pics of Aaron Carter, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Hillary Clinton, and Noah Cyrus.

Postings of celebrities’ upside down pics also came out in 2015, the website noted.