Singer-songwriter Adele shocked the whole music industry when she signed a contract with Sony worth A$180 million.

Reports may have doubted the plausibility of this agreement, but for an incredible singer like Adele, it’s entirely possible. In fact, the black and white of the well-paid contract will be made in weeks.

According to Forbes, the singer can finally say “Hello” to Sony following her signing of the A$180 million worth of contract, which is supposedly the most expensive and the largest deal between a singer and a recording company.

When asked about the issue and to clarify whether the news was true, both Adele and Sony didn’t state any comments. However, it is highly unlikely that this certain agreement isn’t true at all.

Industry sources mentioned that Sony is trying to secure the 29-year-old singer-songwriter because she is a great and incredible singer. In fact, she was able to sell 30 million album copies in 2011 and around 20 million from last year alone, The Guardian stated

“[Sony] has secured Adele, who’s without a doubt the biggest music star in a generation. This is massive,” the industry source said.

Industry commentator and founder of Music Business Worldwide Tim Ingham shared, “Up until now, Adele has been given the freedom to become a blockbuster artist on her own terms, predominately on an independent label that recognised and nurtured her talent.”

He added, “She’s established that she grows who she is, the music she wants to make, and nobody can tell her what to do – which makes the perfect time to sign to a major label.”

“Adele will be able to exert more influence on her own career whilst also getting guaranteed blockbuster spending and promotion. And from Sony’s perspective, Adele is the closest thing it comes to a guaranteed bet.”

Ingham also said that the company should be able to handle her, especially as she works at her own pace in songwriting and does not require any rush.

He also emphasized the term “patience” when it comes to waiting for another song, which is guaranteed to be another blockbuster and world-renowned. Her working pace is usually different from the fast-forward working norms of the music industry. 

Adele , 29 years old, is now considered one of the richest women in the UK. The upcoming highly paid contract with Sony will further add to her coffers.

In a span of a few years, she has the possibility of becoming one of the top 1,000 richest people in the globe given that she’s still young.