Adele reveals the biggest secret of her comeback. The songstress admitted “25″ was almost a flop.

Daily Star revealed the singer’s confession. Adele spoke about the album and how Pop mastermind Rick Rubin helped her out.

Adele said, “I played him what I had”.

She added, “With a lot of other songs he was like: ‘I don’t believe you – just because you are singing them doesn’t mean they are good – and I am not going to fall for that? I feel like sometimes people think they buy anything from you because they are a fan and I think that is a rip-off.'”

Adele revealed, “And that is the kind of thing Rick taught me”.

The website reported that Rubin also steered her away from songs about her son Angelo.

“I have written loads of songs about him and as much I love him, it is a bit boring everyone hearing me banging on about me being a mum,” Adele revealed.

After her remarkable 2012 Grammys triumph, Adele announced plans to take a break for love, Mail Online reported.

Adele and boyfriend Simon Konecki welcomed their son, Angelo. In 2012, a source told US Weekly, “The pregnancy has had a big impact on her songwriting!”

To date, “25” continues to break records worldwide. Billboard announced it is the fifth album since 2000 to rule the 200 albums chart for ten weeks.

The website revealed current figures for its pure album sales to date. It has sold 81,000 although this is down 35 percent from the previous period.

The hitmaker won big at the recently concluded BRIT Awards 2016 in London.

Adele won four awards, Best British Female Solo Artist, Best British Single, Global Success Award, and MasterCard British Album of the Year.

The songstress kicked off her 2016 concert tour on February 29. She announced her tour after “25” smashed record after record upon its release.