Adele has bought a new luxury mansion for $9.5 million (AU$13 million) in Beverly Hills, and the house is quite close to the house of Ashton Kutcher.

Daily Mail reported in 2014 that Ashton and Mila Kunis had made an expense of $13 million to buy a mansion. The couple’s gorgeous house is of 7,351 square foot.

According to Irish Mirror, an exclusive gated community is the place, where the singer’s 6,600 square foot home sits.

As neighbors, the star will have glamorous faces such as Jennifer Lawrence, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie.

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The entire home is constructed of four bedrooms, six bathrooms and a pool. Rumours broke through, as the star said that she could be set to swap the UK for the States.

It was reported that the home is located at 9575 Hidden Valley Road. According to The Blemish, it is possible for the “Skyfall” singer to buy such a lavish property as she has been selling out her tour everywhere.

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The publication also says that “her songs have been everywhere and up your butt every second of the day.”

It was a month ago, when Adele sealed the deal. And all of it was done by maintaining utter secrecy.

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However, the singer has not even moved into her new Beverly Hills house because she is still on tour.

It appears that Adele have had her son at the forefront of her mind, while she bought the house. This is because, the house also has an outdoor train set and a treehouse, according to several media reports.

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Meanwhile, the star is sustaining her act to wow audiences all over the world. It was recently reported that the singer managed to forget her own lyrics, while she was in the middle of a song.

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There has been a refusal from the star singer’s representative, when asked to comment.