Adele kicked off her “25” concert tour last February 29. The songstress made the event even more memorable for a female fan, named Jenny. Adele invited Jenny to join her onstage at the SSE Arena in Belfast. Seeing that it was a leap year, the woman took the opportunity to propose to her boyfriend.

The Mirror reported that the woman proposed earlier in the day. However, her boyfriend only replied with “maybe”.

However, that evening, the crowd urged him to say yes. They chanted, “Come on Neil”. Despite his hesitation, Neil said yes. To make things even better, Adele invited herself to the ceremony.

Irish Central revealed that February 29 is a day on which a woman can propose to a man. The website cites Ireland’s folklore for this strange, funny and outdated tradition.

According to Wikipedia, Belfast is the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland.

Following the proposal, Adele sang to the crowd of 11,000 in attendance, the Mirror revealed.

The setlist for her concert tour included songs from her albums “19” (2008), “21” (2011) and “25” (2015). She made sure no one went home disappointed, Mail Online noted.

The website also recalled the singer’s abrupt cancellation of her 2011 tour due to throat problems. This time, the songstress is making sure her vocal chords remain lubricated. The London girl sipped tea as she chatted with her audience.

Given her candid personality, Adele went on to reveal more to the crowd about her fear for the current tour.

“I woke up sounding like Arnie. My voice was so deep because I slept with the air con on my hotel room,” she said. She added, “My kid was being a nightmare, and then there was a spillage at Gatwick and I thought my boyfriend wasn’t gonna get here – I thought the whole tour was doomed.”

She continued to share, “I’ve been s**ting myself – I had severe bowel movements. But I’ve had an Imodium.”

Perez Hilton posted the singer’s full list online.
“Hometown Glory”
“One and Only”
“Rumour Has It”
“Water Under the Bridge”
“I Miss You”
“Million Years Ago”
“Don’t You Remember”
“Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”
“Make You Feel My Love”
“Sweetest Devotion”
“Chasing Pavements”
“Someone Like You”
“Set Fire to the Rain”

“All I Ask”
“When We Were Young”
“Rolling in the Deep”