Adele is currently on tour in the United Kingdom and has made more headlines than ever for interacting with fans and inviting them on stage. However, this time, while performing at the O2 arena, the “Hello” singer “pulled a Miley Cyrus” when she twerked on stage.

Miley Cyrus did not join Adele, but we bet she would have loved to do so. Twerking, after all, was made famous by the “Wrecking Ball” singer as well as “Anaconda” singer Nicki Minaj. According to E!News, Adele took a break and bent down to chat and clock selfies with fans.

That’s when, on an impulse, she jiggled, while still bending. She was singing her version of Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.” “I think I just twerked,” she exclaimed. “I can’t do it that well. My whole body has to move. My bum could break my back it’s so enormous,” she added, giggling. Daily Mail informs that the Grammy Award winner too seemed surprised for mastering the move made famous by the likes of Cyrus and co. She tried the move again while the crowd cheered on.

Adele is currently touring for her album “25.” She has had a successful tour so far, which included fan surprises, interactions and even inviting some from the audience onstage. For instance, in Dublin, she invited a stunned Ronan Scolard and Glenn Murphy to the stage to perform a medley of her songs that the duo made viral.

According to Evening Standard, the singer was in the news when it was announced that she will headline Glastonbury Festival in June. She revealed the news to her fans asking them if they were going to Glastonbury this year. “Who’s going to Glastonbury this year? See you there. I’ll be there. I’ll be headlining on the Saturday night this year,” she said. “I wanted to do it last year but my record wasn’t ready. And to the people who say I am too boring to headline, you’re more f****** boring for moaning about me headlining.”