Adele admitted on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” her embarrassment for failed Grammy performance of her song, “All I Ask.” Her disappointment echoed by many of her fans around the world.

Her admission came with her trademark cackle, Rolling Stone reported.

However, the Grammy winner had the chance to redeem herself. Adele opened “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with a perfect rendition of “All I Ask.”

During her candid interview with DeGeneres, the songstress said, “I woke up the next morning to people in England being like, ‘We still love you, don’t worry.'”

“And I was like, ‘I didn’t ask you if you still loved me, but thanks!'”, she added.

The 25 singer went on to explain what happened. She also cleared Justin Bieber of any wrongdoing.

Adele said, “Some people thought it was Bieber rehearsing, but it wasn’t him.” The songstress went on to say, “We’re on great terms.”

Despite the glitch, Adele said the performance was good and revealed to the amusement of the audience, “I’m always a bit pitchy. I am! It’s emotion.”

She also admitted to DeGeneres that she cried after the performance, reported.

“…I cried pretty much all day yesterday.” Adele stated.

She also said, “I wanted to turn around and lift it up but I froze,” in reference to where the mics fell onto the piano strings.

DeGeneres and Adele also discussed the pressure of success on the singer, especially following the Grammys.

Adele answered, “I don’t feel like it could go that much worse than the Grammy’s though. So I feel like I’m alright now. Anything that happens, dust it off!”

When asked about how she would deal with another technical blunder, Adele said, “Next time I have any sound issues I am gonna stop. I’ll be like, sorry that’s not working for me. If we have time to do it again, let’s do it. Otherwise, bye!”