Adele’s “25” album is expected to be a major hit when it is released while her single “Hello” continues to top charts everywhere.

By the looks of it, the other tracks in the album will also break records one after the other, and could be potentially name as best album of the year since all are doing very well for “25” right now.

Adele previous album, “21”, was the top U.S. seller in both 2011 and 2012. It also produced three Billboard No. 1 singles and sold more than 10 million copies in the U.S. alone. The album also won six Grammy awards in 2012, including “Album of the Year” and “Song of the Year” awards.

The New York Times wrote: “Pop moves and mutates, but Adele more or less does not.”

It further described Adele’s music “like time-lapse photography of a busy street: Small parts move, but the structure of the whole picture remains essentially intact.”

The Telegraph gave “25” five-star rating, calling it “perfect.”

“25 is crammed top to bottom with perfectly formed songs” and “pop doesn’t come much more perfect than this,” Telegraph wrote.

Showbiz411 also gave Adele’s album perfect 10 rating, which it said was expected of the album.

“’When We Were Young’ is so deliciously constructed with a gorgeous hook that we’ll be hearing it every day for the next ten years,” Showbiz411 wrote.

DigitalSpy likewise rated “25” with five stars, stressing the album’s “simplicity, sincerity and striking soulfulness.”

In an interview with Graham Norton, which will be aired on BBC One on Friday (Nov 20), Adele admitted that she nearly gave up music altogether, BBC wrote.

“I just got really worried that I was never going to make anything that anyone liked again. I started to wonder if 21, being so successful, was enough for everyone. But I realized it wasn’t enough for me. So, sorry, I’m here to make your ears bleed again,” the British singer said.

Adele latest album recently broke music sale records. It has sold 1 million copies in the US and hit 1,112,000 downloads on its first week of release.

As of today, “Hello” music video also racked nearly 411 million views since it became available on YouTube on October 22.

Check out “25” track list and lyrics here.

  1. Hello
  2. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
  3. I Miss You
  4. When We Were Young
  5. Remedy
  6. Water Under the Bridge
  7. River Lea
  8. Love in the Dark
  9. Million Years Ago
  10. All I Ask
  11. Sweetest Devotion