A man has been charged and will be brought into court later in connection with the Adelaide triple murder, which resulted to the death of a 29 year old woman, her 6 year old daughter, and her 5 year old son.

The bodies of the victims were found by the police Monday afternoon inside a rural property in Hillier.

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The suspect was identified as 30-year-old Steven Peet, who was living with the victims at the time. The murdered woman, who was also Peet’s girlfriend, was identified as Adeline Rigney-Wilson.

Peet is not the father of the murdered children.

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Authorities have found the bodies past 1.30 p.m. after what is believed to be a domestic dispute, the Advertiser reports.

Peet was reported to be at the scene along with two other men who assisted the authorities in their investigation.

The suspect was brought later on by paramedics to the Lyell McEwen Hospital.  He was put into police custody and then was charged with murder following the interviews conducted by detectives.

The suspect in Adelaide triple murder has been denied bail and will appear in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Suspect shared anti-violence messages on social media

Steven Peet had shared anti-domestic violence messages on Facebook just after he had moved in with his murdered girlfriend sometime in February, Yahoo News 7 reports.

The shared post read ‘The day you raise your hand on a woman, that day you’re no longer officially a man’.

adelaide triple murder

Steven Peet’s alleged FB post

Victims living with the suspect for only six weeks

Meanwhile, the sister of Adeline Rigney-Wilson, who spoke to reporters at the scene revealed that the victims had only been living with Peet at the property for the past six weeks.

She described her sister as a strong black woman.

Details as to how Adeline Rigney-Wilson and children were murdered are not yet available but authorities are confirming that the crime is more likely related to a domestic dispute.

Chief Inspector Alby Quinn, Barossa Local Service Area officer-in-charge, described the Adelaide triple murder as very traumatic but he stopped to give further details on the manner of the killing, 9news reports.

“This does appear to be domestic-related and we are not looking for any other further persons in relation to this incident,” Quinn said.