Commuters who will need to cross Adelaide South Road might have to face difficulty as the road will remain closed even at night during the peak hours on Wednesday. Two separate incidents have been reported in the area since morning.

The Adelaide South Road way between Anzac Highway and Cross Road will be shut from both directions. The closure of the roadway came following the falling of debris from the cycling and tram overpass. Though tram services have returned to normal between the city and Glenelg but the trams are avoiding halt on the overpass. The tram overpass includes the suburbs of Glandore and Black Forest.

According to the latest reports, the Adelaide South Road will not open until the bikeway overpass is declared safe. An independent bridge expert will examine the defective overpass reportedly on Thursday. After the inspection, it would be decided if the overpass would open or remained closed for maintenance. The bus routes that will remain affected include 719, 720, 720H, 721, 721F, T721, 722, 722F, T722 and 723F.

Authorities Take on Adelaide South Road Closure

Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan said that the part of the Adelaide South Road would cause huge inconvenience to commuters. Around 35,000 to 45, 000 people use Adelaide South Road on a daily use. However, he added that closing the way was necessary.

“The problem with the bridge seems to be the outer most span of the bridge, which is supporting the walking and cycling path, appears to have shifted slightly off its bearings. There are two sections which appear to have been affected,” he said as quoted by the ABC. “Obviously safety is our first concern when it comes to this issue. We’ve closed off between Anzac Highway and Cross Road, and this is important so we are not getting people who are travelling down parts of South Road expecting to get under this overpass.”

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