The honesty of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s now ill-famed terrier smuggling apology video has been doubted by people already. However, an adorable re-enactment of the original apology from two young Australian children can never be questioned.

Heard and Depp made the embarrassing video to express their regret for unlawfully bringing their dogs, Pistol and Boo, onto Australian territory. Depp was filming the latest Pirates of the Caribbean installment in Australia last year.

Schoolkids Sam, 11, and Annie, 6, from Adelaide, ridiculed the American actors. They did that by making their own straight-faced apology video – for drawing on their parent’s walls.

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“This is a wonderful house with a treasure trove of unique walls, floors and cupboards,” Annie says while performing the perfect monotone execution of the original.

“I’m truly sorry that we drew on the walls.”

Sam’s hair is dressed in Depp’s signature slicked back style.

“Mum and Dad are unique: both warm and direct. When you disrespect them, they will tell you firmly,” says Sam.

“Protecting the bond is important,” Annie adds.

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Sasha, the children’s father, shared the hilarious video on social media. According to him the kids have no idea who Depp or Heard are, says Daily Mail.

Sasha said that he found the Depp and Heard apology “utterly hilarious” in its dishonesty. He believed that the apology apparently looked more like a parody so he thought he would try and “out-parody” it.

Sasha and his family wanted to establish their own setting for the mock apology. They wanted the two children talking about their regret for drawing on the walls of their family home.

“I wanted to create something a bit more believable than ringing dogs into a country,” Sasha said.

The parody apology video finally ends with the two siblings leaving all the children around the world, with a reminder.
They reminded children not to draw on walls, says 9 News.

The Depp and Heard video was submitted to the court as an apology.