Adelaide pink-ball test could be cancelled and  Cricket Australia is under pressure as South African players refuse to cooperate.

The Australian reported that this refusal is giving Cricket Australia problems as they plan to reveal the fixtures to be used in the Test tours tomorrow.

The previous year’s opening day-night test with New Zealand is remembered as a success with high grossing attendances and TV ratings.

There were worries that a pink ball is difficult to see as majority of New Zealand and Australian players complained about visibility and different conditions.

Cricket Australia had redone the fixture in order to accommodate two day-night tests regardless of the players’ complaints.

The first of the three-test series with South African players should begin in Perth, followed by a match in Hobart and to end in Adelaide.

NineMSN said that players of South Africa refuse to play the day-night match because of their inexperience with a pink ball or a 5-day game under different conditions and they feel disadvantaged in an important part of the series.

Their complaints and objections are supported by their board and players’ association.

On the other hand, Australian players are expected to have greater exposure to playing with a pink ball under lights before the Adelaide match.

Cricket Australia is said to offer South African players the opportunity to play a day-night tour to provide them a chance to adapt to the conditions. However, the visitors are not satisfied with this, saying that it would be too late for them to withdraw if the unwillingness remains after the game.

New Zealand also had the same concerns last year but after Cricket Australia offered that the prize pool will be divided 60:40 among the winners and losers, the players agreed to play in the kickoff game.

The South African players are expected to demand the same compensation but there have been no negotiations involving money. The Australians won $600,000 in winning the series last year.