An Adelaide man has been charged for allegedly assaulting, kidnapping and attempting to murder two young foreign backpackers on the beach at Coorong National Park located towards the south of Adelaide.

On Tuesday at around 6:30 p.m., police reached the spot as soon as they received the report of the crime. The reports stated that the women managed to escape by running off in different directions. While one was found, the other ran screaming through sand dunes to a group of fishermen, one of the witnesses said. “She ran straight to the car yelling. She opened the back door, jumped straight in and like, ‘get me out of here, get me out of here. He’s going to kill us all’,” fisherman Abdul-Karim Mohammed told 7 News.

The witness claimed that all three of them were travelling together from Adelaide to Melbourne, but they halted at the small settlement of Salt Creek. He added that the second woman was not even in a condition to speak at that moment.

However, according to the ABC, the two women flew to the Flinders Medical Centre with serious wounds. They remained in the hospital until they were stable. Superintendent James Blandford confirmed that the two women travelled with the suspected man, but they found themselves into a suddenly scary situation. “One of the victims was able to run away and came across some people fishing in the area,” he said.

“They were able to comfort and secure her and make a call to the police. Given the nature of the charges, [the alleged victims’] situation was obviously very dire and they were somewhat distressed.”

The suspect was arrested at Coorong National Park on Tuesday evening. According to ABC News, the man, aged 59, faced the Adelaide Magistrates Court through a video link connected from Murray Bridge on Wednesday. He did not utter a single word during the hearing and stood with his head bowed. He will again be facing the court in April.

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