A young girl has died from multi-organ failure due to herpes infection, according to reports. The girl, Briony Klingberg, has been sick for a week last year but doctors did not realize that she contracted the virus.

Reports say that Briony, a 10-year-old girl, had gone to see doctors for a check-up after becoming unwell and sick in January 2015. However, physicians failed to diagnose that she had herpes simplex virus.

Due to this, her organs eventually failed. On Wednesday, Coroner Mark Johns said that the doctors had no opportunity to monitor the 10-year-old’s illness progress. The coroner blames the lack of continuous care.

“It is easy to say in retrospect that continuity of care would have been highly desirable,” Coroner Mark Johns said when he presented his investigation findings on Wednesday. Apparently, the girl’s parents took her to doctors at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The doctors actually determined ulcers in her throat but they sent her home after checking her for an hour, news.com.au reports.

However, her parents had her see another doctor the next day. They took Briony to the Mt Barker Hospital.

According to Coroner Johns, if she returned to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, doctors could have compared their own diagnosis and findings. The comparison could have opened the way for more investigation. Nevertheless, the coroner says that he is not being judgmental in any way whatsoever of the parents’ decision to bring the sick girl to the Mt Barker Hospital.

“Such a comparison would likely have raised concerns and prompted further investigations,” pointed out Johns. The coroner was critical of the physician that last saw Briony. Johns said that her final GP failed to take observations during a consultation as well as failing to write down the lab results and telling the parents to admit Briony to a hospital.

“In saying these things I acknowledge the evidence that by then it would, in all likelihood, have been too late to save Briony’s life,” Coroner Johns added. “Nevertheless, it is a matter of serious concern that he did not act appropriately as he should have done.”

News.com.au also reports that when the child’s parents took her back to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, she suffered a seizure in the car park. Briony subsequently died from organ failure in the early hours of January 18. The doctors had only diagnosed herpes virus infection after the girl’s death.

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