Are you ready for the Fringe, Adelaide? Adelaide Fringe starts today and promises to transport the visitors into a completely different mood. The unbelievable carnival meets Mardi Gras theme boasts of an eclectic mish mash of cabaret, comedy, circus, dance, film, theatre, music, visual art and design.

You name it and the Fringe has it. The Festival, which runs for a month, starts off with the magnificent Opening Day Parade on the first weekend. “The Parade is a big focus for us as a kick-off on the opening weekend. That’s something that really sets the tone of the Fringe,” explained Heather Croall, director and CEO of Adelaide Fringe. “Take a walk outside the normal and go see something in a venue that you haven’t been to before. That’s the tone we want to set from the night of the Parade on the opening weekend,” she elaborated in an interview to The Adelaide Review.

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The festival will showcase around 5,000 artists across 1,100 events in this month-long festival. In fact, the Opening Parade itself will feature around 80 floats and more than 1,500 artists, reveals In Daily. The publication further informs that the Parade will take place on Saturday night starting 8:30 p.m. onwards. It will follow a new route down North Terrace. Singer and actor Hugh Sheridan will be leading a mass dance-off of The Madison to Tina Turner’s’ “Nutbush City Limits.”

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The official opening events will be spread over two nights. Additionally, the festivities will kick off with opening night street parties including a “Fat Tuesday” in Vardon Avenue in the East End and celebrations in Little Rundle Street.

The Festival will also feature the “Garden of Unearthly Delights” in Adelaide’s east park lands and will feature some amazing hula hoop and burlesque performances in a bid to attract more than 700,000 visitors, said ABC.

Adelaide Fringe runs from February 12 to March 14 2016. You have to see it to believe it. Really.