South Australia’s capital city Adelaide has witnessed an adverse increase in the temperature this week. Besides total fire ban, the city has also suffered a power cut. Around 40,000 homes were without power on Wednesday night in South Australia. The people across the state experienced sweltering effect of rising temperature, which reached above 40 degrees.

The situation arose as energy network were unable to fulfil the demand of electricity across the city because of the rise in the mercury level. SA Power Networks cut power across the state at around 6:30 pm. Though the power was restored 45 minutes later, there was a community outrage that erupted because of the high temperature in Adelaide.

Observing the situation getting out of control, SA Premier Jay Weatherill appeared live for a question and answer session on Facebook. The premier held the energy market of the nation responsible for the outage. He said that a gas-powered generation plant of the nation did not need to be online. Weatherill added that the rules of the Adelaide energy market are not appropriate. “We’ll be asking for changes,” he said as quoted by 9News.

South Australian authorities have issued reminders for Adelaide residents asking them to stay safe in the sweltering heat expected to continue through the whole week. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the northerly winds have drifted some hot air mass into Adelaide thereby heating the whole of South Australia. The temperature of the city saw a sudden and huge increase in the level of heat.

Adelaide witnessed a temperature of 27.5 degrees at 6 am while the temperature soared to 40 degrees by 2 pm. “We’ve seen the temperatures rise into the 40s across most centres in SA,” BoM senior forecaster Matt Collopy said. “The minimum temperature overnight expected is 29 C — so not a lot of relief.”

Other Regions to be Affected Other Than Adelaide

Extreme heatwaves are not only present in South Australia but also in three other states. New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland are the Aussie states that have witnessed some of the hottest temperatures. New South Wales has received an urgent request for higher power supply in the sweltering heat of Sydney.

Meanwhile, Victoria has received a health alert because of the extreme hot temperatures all over the state. The temperature, however, is expected to reach up to 44 degrees in the state’s north. The expected areas to be affected include North Central, Mallee, East Gippsland, North East, Northern County and Wimmera regions. In addition, Queensland’s south-west parts are also expected to see a rise in temperature up to 40 degrees.

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