Adelaide earthquake of 3.7 magnitudes has hit the city thereby imposing huge impact, though the damage made was minor. Geoscience Australia has reported the event that occurred at 12:07 am on Wednesday. The epicenter of the quake was 9 kilometers towards a southwest of Murray Bridge.

Geoscience Australia said that that the epicenter was located deep at about 8 kilometers. It believed that people up to 46 kilometers away could have felt the tremble. However, the cracking damage reported was minor. According to reports, the emergency services at Murray Bridge received no calls for assistance at the time of the quake. Several people felt the Adelaide earthquake, including people from neighboring Gawler.

Geoscience Australia seismologist Hugh Glanville confirmed that the impact of the Adelaide earthquake was felt up to more than 100 kilometers. “It travels very fast through the Earth, so people often describe feeling [it is] like a truck or a train’s passed,” he said. “The feeling inside your house is rattling, it’s something passing through the Earth and then shaking things inside your house.”

Adelaide Earthquake Targeted One of the Most Active Quake Areas

Glanville said that the Adelaide earthquake area affected was one of the most active areas in Australia. Moreover, South Australia has witnessed some big earthquakes recently, he said. In the past 10 years, there have been 28 earthquakes within the radius the range of same 100 kilometers. Social media websites claimed of the sound of rumble.

Glanville confirmed that the Adelaide earthquake was medium-sized. Such quakes have the capacity to wake people up but they are not capable enough to cause severe damages to buildings and harm properties. “It is rare for a small to medium earthquake to cause damage,” Glanville said as quoted by The Advertiser. “You can have cracks that are then made bigger by the earthquake. Sometimes you might be the unlucky person whose house or farm house is directly on top of the fault line … even then it’s generally minor.”

One of the residents, 39-year-old Lisa Lemon, said that she noticed a gap in the concrete after the Adelaide earthquake. “I thought it might have been possums in the roof, and then it started going a bit more rumbly … and then the whole wall just shook,” she said. “My lounge is next to it and the lounge started to shake as well.”

Another resident Andrew Green shared his experience. He said that he was in bed at Bull Creek cottage that was 50-year-old. It seemed as if people were running across the roof when the earthquake occurred. “The rumbling and shaking rattled the whole place, going from one end of the house to the other,” he said referring to the Adelaide earthquake impact.

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