An Adelaide couple has been found guilty of sending fake death threats to ensure they get holidays and compensation. Simon Peisley and Tabitha Lean used to send fake death threats to their office, home, and their kids’ school.

The Adelaide couple wanted a time off from their government jobs and get paid compensation for which they dramatized everything. The SA Aboriginal health service employees have been sentenced to a minimum of three years of non-parole imprisonment each.  They pleaded guilty to over 40 counts of deception over the two-year scam in November. The district court sentenced them to jail on Tuesday.

While Peisley will serve the jail term in prison, Lean has been allowed home detention for the good of the couple’s children. The couple already enjoyed all paid holiday benefits and compensation before being caught. They were only arrested when the cops broke into their property and recovered a stack of envelopes and paper having invisible ink.

According to the reports, the couple sent some letters along with the children’s clothing stained with fake blood. Few of the threat signs included the ones painted on the walls and windows of their place. Before being caught, the state government agreed to approve the compensation claims made by the Adelaide couple. It agreed to pay $580,000 as the settlement amount.

At the time of sentencing submissions, Peisley offered to take the responsibility of the crime and serve the jail term. He intended to make sure this would keep his wife out of prison. Prosecutor Chris Edge, however, said the crimes were too serious to avoid jail. The Adelaide couple faked almost 80 threats, including parcels, phone calls, etc. They have three children, aged seven, 12, and 17.

Judge Still Confused about Motive

Judge Barry Beazley said that the prolonged fraud of the Adelaide couple was a serious one and the sentences cannot be suspended. However, Lean was allowed to opt for a home detention according to the new laws. “Parliament House has enabled you to serve the sentence on home detention,” he told Lean on Tuesday as quoted by The Daily Mail. “I am satisfied that it is not only in your best interests but also that of your children.”

The judge also said that he still could not understand the reason behind the couple doing so when both of them had a well-paying job. He gave a special mention to Lean’s job as she held the department director’s position in her organization.

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