It looks like the giant Carmichael coal mine from the Indian company Adani are in big trouble as a coalition is going to stand against the proposed thermal coal mine. The coalition is concerned about the long-term effects the proposed coal mine might have on groundwater, biodiversity, rural communities and climate change.

The group called Farmers for Climate Action is looking to halt the Adani company from getting unlimited and free access to the groundwater that many people, most of which farmers who use the resource for their crops, make use of. The group is asking Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to retract the rights given to Adani so that they could work on the Carmichael coal mine without restriction, The Guardian reports.

The Farmers for Climate Action is comprised of over 2,000 farmers and agricultural personalities who are concerned about what Adani could do to the ecosystem. They aren’t the only group looking to stop the progress of the company and they are following in the footsteps of another group aptly called Stop Adani.

One of the steps the group is taking against Adani is supporting a petition made on As of this writing, 30,749 people have already signed and supported the petition. This makes the petition less than 4,500 supporters shy of reaching the 35,000 goal. The petition was started last week by Longus farmer Angus Emmott and he was surprised to see that it had gotten that amount of support already, reports The Guardian.

With the Australian government giving Adani the green light to work on the Carmichael Coal mine, the project is expected to extract the equivalent of 128 million tons of carbon dioxide every year, the Huffington Post reports. This would make the Carmichael coal mine based in the Galilee Basin to be the largest of its kind in the country.