Maroon 5 dashing lead Adam Levine and Victoria’s Secret sensation Behati Prinsloo are expecting a baby girl soon. When the root product is such a pack of hotness, it won’t be quite tough to predict the future of the outcome.  It has been a proven fact; good looking parents often pass good looks to their kids.

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So considering the theory, we have charted down five solid reasons why Levine and Prinsloo’s daughter will be hotter than her parents.

#1 There is no doubt this singer-model duo makes a good looking couple. Good looks are genetic which have been further, nurtured with their glam world experiences.  Therefore, the chances are quite high that their little daughter will carry the good-looking genes of her parents.

#2 Expecting mom Behati Prinsloo is trendsetter who has a strong eye for fashion. We have seen her lending her good looks and style to the fashion world, to date. Let us take a cue from her latest Juicy Couture collaboration, where she created a capsule collection for Behati x Juicy Couture Black Label. Looking at the uber-chic fashion moves of the Namibian model mom, we are quite certain that the daughter, who has not even born, already possesses tremendous connections to different fashion houses and designers. High-fashion clothes and trick of carrying them well will always be an added point for the daughter to look hot.

#3 With a singer dad and a model mom it is more than obvious that the daughter will inherit the best of both worlds. A slew of famous friends, media attention, posh lifestyle; she has all the reason to be on the top of popularity, right from the start.

#4 As per popular belief, it is said whatever the-would-be mom is exposed to it greatly passes on to the baby in her womb. Since Prinsloo is a VS Angel, high fashion, spotlight and not to miss, the hot and oomph factor are regular affairs for her. No wonder these traits are already being instilled in the unborn baby girl.

#5 Sustaining successfully in the fame-frenzy showbiz is no less than a challenge.  It demands a healthy lifestyle. Levine and Prinsloo, both are successful in their fields which make it obvious that they are on a strict fitness and diet regime. This can be considered as another bonus point for their charm. Yet, it is one more factor that doubles the score of hotness of their offspring.

Behati’s Recent Baby-bump Update:

So far so good 🌙 👶🏼👣

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After discussing all the features we can’t wait to see the Levine-Prinsloo’s daughter!