Aussie actor Bryan Brown, best known for his Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated performance in the miniseries “The Thorn Birds” (1983) as well as the Tom Cruise film “Cocktail,” walked two red carpets on Monday night. It wasn’t by choice, however, as the actor was supposed to turn up at the premiere for friend and “Jurassic Park” star Sam Neill’s hit comedy “Hunt for the Wilderpeople.”

As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) and The Telegraph, Bryan Brown mistakenly went to the Palace Verona Cinema on Oxford Street in Sydney instead of Palace Chauvel, which was nearby. The “Palace” got him confused, and has had many over the years, notes SMH.

As is the usual tradition, Brown began posing for photographs while Neill quite possibly wondered, smiling at the cameras, whether his friend was lost. After the photo sessions were done, Bryan Brown wondered the same about his friend with whom he co-starred with in “Dean Spanley” (2008) and TV series “Old School” (2014).

Brown eventually realised he attended the wrong premiere, that of Lilibet Foster-directed documentary “Be Here Now,” an uplifting story about late actor Andy Whitfield’s (“Spartacus: Blood and Sand”) battle with cancer that claimed his life on September 11, 2011. Brown attended the event with his son Joe, reports The Daily Mail.

Brown’s presence was no doubt good for the documentary. The world needs more such inspiring stories and if people like Brown help in their publicity, even if accidentally, all the more. Anyway, Brown posed with Andy Whitfield’s widow Vashti and then rushed to attend the red carpet premiere of “Hunt for the Wilderpeople,” where he again posed for photographs.

During a Q&A session for “Hunt for the Wilderpeople,” director Taika Waiti (“Thor: Ragnarok”) joked he’d rather have Brown star in his movie than Sam Neill, pointing out Brown’s absence earlier. Bryan Brown was probably hiding his face in the audience when Sam Neill made it more specific. “Well, Bryan Brown turned up to the wrong premiere tonight,” Neill said. An embarrassed Brown responded, “I even did the media wall and everything, got into the event and asked where Sam was and they said, who is Sam?” This was a lighthearted jab back at Sam Neill. We’re sure they had plenty of laughs afterwards.

Either way, it was a funny case of mistaken addresses. Australia is one really big island after all. It also seems slightly ironic now that Brown attended the wrong premiere of a documentary titled “Be Here Now.” As if the stars in the sky wanted him to be there in the first place. It was a sign from above.

Watch the trailer for “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” below.