AC/DC Bassist Cliff Williams has confirmed his retirement in a heartfelt video right after the band’s tour ended.

Williams expressed his gratitude for all the time he spent with the group and said he couldn’t ask for anything more. He clarified that he is leaving the band not for any other reason but just to spend more time with his family.

“It’s time for me to step out, that’s all. I’m just ready to get off the road, really, and do what I do. […] I just need family time, now. Just chill out and not do this,” Williams said. He, however, admitted that everything changed in the band since Bon Scott died in 1980.

At the end of the video, William put his hands to his heart in gratitude.

Watch AC/DC Bassist Cliff Williams’ retirement confirmation below.

Williams joined AC/DC in 1977 as a replacement for bassist Mark Evans. In July, he hinted at retiring. Angus Young is now the last man left from the original members of the band.

Young earlier said he is unsure of AC/DC‘s future once their Rock Or Bust World Tour concludes. He also admitted that Brian Johnson’s condition may have something to do with Williams’ decision to retire. Johnson was forced to skip the Rock Or Bust World Tour this year due to hearing problem. Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has filled in on vocals.

The Australia rock band had gone through so many changes in the past years. Young started AC/DC along with Williams, Scott and his older brother Malcolm. Johnson took Scott’s spot. Malcolm was diagnosed with dementia and was replaced by his nephew Stevie. Chris Slade took drummer Phil Rudd’s place after the latter was found guilty on a drug charge.

Rudd has previously said he will not rejoin AC/DC if the band will not drop Axl Rose. Although he has yet to be invited to return, Rudd already made his no-Axl Rose condition for his comeback. He added he is now focusing on his own music but he would not rule out a return to his band.

AC/DC Rock Or Bust World Tour concluded on Tuesday (Sept 20) at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center. The last day of the tour also marked Williams’ final performance with the band he has been with for almost four decades.