George Miller will be at the centre of all speeches made by the crew of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” if it dictates the Oscars, this year.

Miller, the director of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” is a former Sydney hospital emergency room doctor who has given his past four decades to reshuffle the Australian TV and film industries.

He is nominated in the categories of Direction and Best Picture in the 88th Academy Awards.

The ten Australians he hired for “Mad Max: Fury Road” shoot, including his editor wife Margaret Sixel, are likely to receive Oscars inside the Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre on Sunday evening.

According to Sky News Australia, the 70-year-old maestro with “a caring doctor’s demeanour,” could miss out on both the categories because of “The Revenant,” directed and produced by Alejandro Inarritu.

Miller’s sound mixer, Ben Osmo, has his fingers crossed, so have the rest of his crew.

Osmo has been working with Miller since 1989, starting with the landmark Australian mini-series “Bangkok Hilton.”

He was there when Miller was directing his three Oscar-nominated films: “Lorenzo’s Oil,” “Babe” and “Babe: Pig in the City.”

“We’d love George to get best film and director and Margie to get best editing,” he said. “It’s all courtesy of George.”

Miller’s production designer Colin Gibson said that it would be “fantastic,” if Miller gets the awards. Gibson first started working on the production of “Mad Max: Fury Road” in 2001, when the project was being delayed.

According to The ABC, stunt workers on the Australian film “Mad Max: Fury Road,” want their skill to be acknowledged at the Oscars.

A 46-year-old stunt coordinator, who worked in the film, believes that it was the stunts that helped Mad Max: Fury Road to achieve ten Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

Miller was nominated in 1993 for the “Lorenzo’s Oil” screenplay, and Best Picture and screenplay for 1996 film “Babe.” He ultimately won in the category of Best Animated Feature for his 2007 film “Happy Feet.”